by Picture it in Ruins

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released June 28, 2011

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Jamie King
all music written and performed by Picture it in Ruins



all rights reserved


Picture it in Ruins Green River, Wyoming

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Track Name: ImmortaliTV
it's all scripted from beginning to end, the ratings will tell if it's the new trend. everything you love it's the perfect blend. they call it reality but from what i've seen it depends on the ratings my life is no longer real it's not televised, im not paid to feel. let it be written on all their faces how fucking fake this is. let the message be lost in translation even with the perfect reception. erase-this-all-with-some-more-of-the-same-ole, and break their fall with a brick of potential. my life is no longer real it's not televised and im not paid to feel, my sense of decency is all it seems is left of me. they call it reality but from what i've seen it depends on the ratings. some crafty writer came up with this big hit, it's the new televised piece of shit. it's the new televised piece of shit.

you should see yourself right now x5
HD makes you worse somehow x4

in the end the camera wasn't rolling, in the end it wont
Track Name: Chain Dragon
Where do we go from here? Seems like it's been way more than a year. time leaves its mark on my face, my body struggles to keep up the pace. friends I've forgotten family I've lost, the better the time the higher the cost. my head hangs lower everyday, if only regrets could show me the way. the road alone might break my bones, but heart and home wont stand alone. pretend this is serious, face it you wont be missed, by anyone you know or love. don't stop when it's all you know it's harder to let go, more like impossible why even try? why would I put myself against the wall even though I'm standing just means I can take the fall. we get so desperate that we look to the stars and dream of coming home when we already are. you can't turn your back on this in the end we're all helpless. now I feel the weight upon my shoulders. now I feel the weight, now I feel the weight. can I bare the weight, can I bare?
Track Name: Recession
in hopes that we can spell this out for you i'll say these words and shoot straight and true. if it enters your mind....please excuse the intrusion im not the problem not the solution im only trying to bring, bring you hope. an act of courage a rite of passage, i stand here boldly and tread here slowly. so know that this will only bring you back to life or what you call your existence, don't waste your breath trying to pretend what is left will only come to an end. i can't believe this you can only guess what the meaning of life is. I know what pain is, but i dont know if i can take this. We have nothing to fear, but i still don't know why we came here. your either with us or against us to be completly honest either way your dead either way your fucking dead if i ever meet my maker id give advice on how to make this better to make us better.
Track Name: Time Vampire
you've become such a failure that everybody knows your name it's not the same. you can't come home you're no longer welcome here, this time their wrong theres no turning back. lay out the weapons, it's time to plot the attack.
so long to cowardice, my heart bleeds self confidence.

with these words i can't find myself, yet sealed our fates. this is my legacy my flame burning for all to see. i can't control myself in my hell theres nothing else.
i write this tale i swear it's all over, i reach for the sky but forgot theres no savior. x2
lately i feel that all i need is a battle worth fighting for myself no one else is willing to give anything up i'll sacrifice all that i have known for this. lay waste to what you love, there is no heaven up above, it comes down to push and shove.
Track Name: Mass Affect
I make my own luck
as the pieces unravel themselves
when will I trust in this to unfold at my feet
don't try to comprehend what this is all about
why spend all this time trying to figure it all out
this is my life and I can't let go
my mind wages war on all I know
this is the only part you may not get
I will end this how I see fit
I'll make my own path through this one
wont need any signs from up above
step by step, I set the pace
redifine me
I can't say, exactly, but you'll know
if I ever, define, failure
and when the time comes, a new song is sung, life marches to it's own beat once again.
and I refuse to wait forever for a sign, cause all it seems to do is fuck with my mind
the piece of paper on the desk expects me to apologize, but tough shit this is my life
once again I wait
as the pieces unravel themselves
when will I trust in this to unfold at my feet